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Portable 350ml Water Bottle with Pet Care Cup


With this portable pet drinking water bottle, you are no longer afraid that there is no safe water for your dog to drink.


  • With one-touch your water is locked in and leak proof- Carry in your handbag or travel pouch without fear of leakage
  • Lightweight and easily topped up with water
  • The pet care cup makes drinking easy and safe
  • You will not worry about your pet drinking unsafe water or dehydrating while at play or an adventure walk
  • No more communal drinking bowls-Dogs who drink wild water are prone to gastrointestinal problems
  • This 75mm * 208mm water bottle can hold 12 oz (350ml) water- small in size, easy to carry, large capacity, which means that you do not have to worry about there being no safe water to drink while out and about.
Color: Soft Pink

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