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Martingale Collar


Why a Martingale Colalr


I want to slip free

Depending on fur texture and the shape of their neck compared to their head-some dogs can slip out of their collars easier than others.  If your dog has ever slipped out of or backed out of his collar, you know how frightening this can be and you may want to think about getting a martingale collar for safety reasons.


Martingale collars are especially safe for dogs with narrower heads such as whippets, collie and greyhounds, as these dogs often have an easier time slipping out of a regular collar.


Great for training

The martingale is a nice option if you prefer to give your dog slight tugs on the leash while working on leash manners. Dogs that are still learning good leash manners are also more likely to pull or try to twist out of their collars when they see other dogs and other distractions.


The martingale collar tightens slightly if the dog pulls on the leash, but not so much where it will choke the dog or harm his neck in any way.


A gentle option

The martingale collar allows you to give slight corrections if needed and is much gentler than a choke (slip) or a prong/pinch collar. This is a lovely option for puppies, dogs and senior dogs.


Please note the length in the photo gallery and when selecting. 

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