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Health Indicating Pee Pads

Health Indicating Pee Pads


How A Simple Urine Test Could Save Your Pets Life


Why use a Health Indicating Pad?


Your beloved pet’s health should be monitored closely allowing for early detection of disease.  A simple yet important urine test can detect potentially life-threatening conditions before they become untreatable. It’s a window into your pet’s health.


Bringing in a sample of your pet’s urine at the time of a health check can be near impossible which mean you are unable to provide your veterinarian with vital information about your pet’s health status.


The pads are fit for:

  • dogs
  • puppies
  • cats
  • kittens and rodents.


They are ideal for:

  • early health detection
  • assiting aged or sick pets
  • toilet training litters
  • long car trips
  • linining pet carriers or crates.


*This test is to be used as an indicator only, and if in doubt always consult a Veterinarian.