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Dog Sling Lift Harness Blue


Veterinarian Approved Dog Sling Lift provides support and helps with loss of stability caused by injuries, Rehabilitation, Arthritis or aging dogs.


During the rehab and healing process, our sling provides the additional stability and support that assists with getting your dog to move again and make a quick and full recovery.


  • The Sling Lift helps elderly dogs to maintain an active lifestyle with support in part of their activities


  • Knee injuries in canines can be especially difficult to treat as so many dogs' desire to run before they are completely healed. Our sling lets your dog remain active whilst you control the limit of exertion


  • The sling is incredibly easy to use, simply slip the sling under your dog's midsection and close it with the wide Velcro closure on top. Once secured, the sling makes walking your dog easy and painless for you both as you won't be hunched over with an aching back while walking with your dog.


With this sling you really can help support your best friend enjoy their normal active lifestyle again.