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Dog and Puppy Training Kit


This kit comes beautifully boxed with a Clicker, Whistle and Lanyard for an easy and fun way to communicate with your pet.



The clicker makes just that a "click" noise that teamed up with treats will teach your pet to repeat a behaviour for more rewards. It is scientifically proven- read up on Pavlov's Dog if you don't believe it.


The clicker will build confidence for you and your pet. When you train any animal using only positive reinforcement, they feel naturally relaxed. They are not afraid of making mistakes, because the worse that can happen is that they won't get a click. 


An animal that is not scared of making mistakes will try really hard to get that click. Seeing your Dog "get-it" is a thrilling experience that you will want to repeat over and over. Getting a click and a treat will make your dog excited and they will work hard for it.


Most aggression problems arise because dogs feel threatened in many situations. By communicating with your dog, practising commands they will bond with you, they will understand what you want, what you are saying.  It does not take long you only need a few minutes a day, short frequent training sessions will build confidence and you will get an obedient and happy pet.


Teaching your dog boundaries is necessary and recommended. You can do this with clicker training as well. It will be clear and efficient because your dog UNDERSTANDS click and treat! No punishment, no harsh words or hitting.



To be effective it should be used the same manner as the clicker-positive/conditioned reinforcement. If it is improperly overused it just teaches the animal that it is a sound that they don't need to listen for.


The whistle is a great tool when working on distance and when rain or high winds may cover your voice.  A whistle works better than voice in guiding dogs because its sound is more consistent than a voice. The premium ultrasonic frequency controller is able to transmit ultrasonic waves automatically across a range of approximately 50 feet.


It is recommended that you do some light research so that you don't expect your pet to respond to these methods instantly. No animal or human is born clicker or whistle trained; it is a great idea to invest some time in getting guidance to fully understand how this works.