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HomeoPet Storm Stress 10- 40kg And Over For Dogs 15ml

HomeoPet Storm Stress 10- 40kg And Over For Dogs 15ml

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Trembling, fear, hiding, panting and destructive behaviours are common physical and psychological symptoms associated with thunderstorms, loud noises, lightning, wind and rain.


Storm Stress is developed by veterinarians and is a worldwide clinically trialled product that  promotes a sense of calm and relieves stress in pets.


In Australia the leading behavioural Veterinarians Dr Seskel, Dr Ley, Dr Blackman and Charles Sturt University conducted major triple blinded trials that show significant results in reducing fear in pets during thunderstorms.


Available in 3 sizes according to dog's weight:



over 40kg


Instructions For Use

  • Begin dosing as soon as anxious behaviour starts
  • One dose every 15 minutes, up to 4 doses may be provided
  • Dosing may be repeated as above for multiple storms or stressful situations throughout the day
  • Discontinue treatment as condition improves
  • Formula only needs to be used while pet is anxious, discontinue use once pet is calm
  • It is preferable to dose directly into the mouth, but can also be dropped into water, food or treat


Instructions For While Owner Is Away

  • 15 drops of Storm Stress may be put in water bowl for each dog that is home alone during storm season or similar events.



  • 10 drops


Ingredients: Aconitum nap 10x & 200c, Avena 7x & 2c, Belladonna 30c, Borax 6c & 30c, Calc phos 30c & 200c, Gelsemium 6c & 30c & 200c, Lycopodium 6c & 30c, Nat carb 30c & 200c, Nat mur 30c, Passiflora 7x & 2c, Phos 6c & 30c & 200c & 1M, Rhododendron 6c, Scutellaria 7x & 2c, Silica terra 30c & 200c, Stramonium 30c, Staphysag 6c & 30c, Valeriana 7x & 2c in 20% USP alc. in purified water.