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Automatic Cat Litter

AU$499,00 Regular Price
AU$424,15Sale Price

Goodbye Smelly Cat- litter!


This Automatic Cleaning and Deodorizing Cat Litter has a compact design and large interior.

  • You can say goodbye to odour as this comes with an activated carbon deodorizer 
  • The Litter has an effective shovel, that automatically rotates, collects and deposits litter into a bag
  • Save money and time with less frequent replacement of cat litter
  • It has low decibel operation and does not need to be plumbed in
  • The design has an intelligent sensor that displays the cats weight which is great for health monitoring.


Easy to open, easy to clean and dry, no messy plumed into the toilet operation. You will be so happy to have someone take the litter out of your hands, quite literally.


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