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Want to share the Chonker love? That's great we understand your passion; so, to help you earn some Chonker bucks we will give you a unique Discount Code to share with the world.


What do you need to do from here?

1. If you are not already a Member, simply join, it's free

2. Send a request via the join Referral Program form on this page

3. We will send you a unique Discount Code via email

4. Start sharing your Code! Post it on Social Media... share your unique code with friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, gym buddies, in the tea room, on the train, pet I think you get the point. Go nuts!!


Unique Code

Your support means the world to us! So, to thank you and anyone who becomes a Chonker member will receive a 10% discount when they use your code.


They will receive 10% off their first purchase and 5% on all future purchases.


And to thank you, you will be credited with $5 Chonker bucks for each new member who makes a purchase with your code.


Unique Benefits

For those people who go to the next level, who go above and beyond...we have a special appreciation pack just for you.


If you refer over 25 people who all become a Chonker member and make a purchase with your code, a special and beautiful gift will be sent to you. Don't forget you will also get your Chonker bucks too!


Thank you, together we can bring affordable & better-quality products, innovation and choice to families around the world.
  1. Not be combined with any other offers, we reserve the right to change the conditions of this offer at any time
  2. Participation in the referral program is subject to review and can be revoked at any time for any reason
  3. All Chonker bucks will come to entitled recipient-Unique Code holder- as a voucher and cannot be redeemed for cash
  4. Great news, there is no time limit for you to use your Chonker bucks
  5. Future purchases made by the "new member" will not attract a 10% or Chonker bucks- the $5 Chonker bucks are for the first orders only
  6. The Chonker bucks-voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and is valid for a single transaction only. No change will be given so please use them in full
  7. Multiple vouchers may be used at once by contacting us; the original individual vouchers will be totalled, and one single use voucher issued. Example; 6 people joined, and each make a purchase- you have 6 x $5 Chonker bucks with a combined total of $30. If you want to use them all together- that's fine, please contact us and so long as they have not been redeemed, we will be more than happy to do this for you
  8. Due to privacy laws we can not disclose any personal information and/or information about the purchase, name, address or order items or purchase value amount
  9. We aim to issue the Vouchers to you as soon as possible, or by each month's end.